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Best Hairstyles for Women This Summer

Summers is an exciting season with lots of new events and beach parties to attend and, most importantly, time for a modern look. The best thing about summers is that you can go short and long hairstyles both and it will look phenomenal. Every few months there is a new hairstyle that you have never seen before. There cannot be a better time for getting a new haircut than the summers.

If you are worried about undergoing a massive transformation, then don’t be. All these hairstyles have been expertly picked to make sure your look maintains your personality and still adds a subtle touch of glamour and style. Take a look at the list we have prepared for you. These hairstyles will look breathtaking on all hair texture and facial structures easily. 70s Bangs

bangs-lead.jpg When people look at you with this hairstyle, they would wish the 70s were back. This look also comes along with a pretty fringe that is simply hard to beat. The look makes you look cute and adorable all day long. If you want to add more fun to the equation, then try it will take a curtain bang so that it sweeps both sides. There no better way to vibe than a perfect 70s look.

Asymmetrical Bobs

Source: With an asymmetrical bob, you showcase a solid baseline with thicker ends. You wear this hairstyle with a wave or a poker straight. To add a bit more flair, we recommend going for a side part that is ever so contemporary and looks amazing.

The Wet Look

Source: Here you will see the affair of fine hair with gel. This is a brilliant look for all the ladies who want to be the boss in every room. Ideal for sleek ponies or fixing low styles if you are in looking for a minimalistic look. With this kind of hairstyle, more is always more with gel.

Deep Side Part

Source: A fresh and modern look that depends entirely on the nature of winds. This hairstyle flirts with the people around you, making you the apple of everyone’s eye.

Slicked-Down Pixie

Source: Another versatile look in our list is the Pixie. Most businesswomen wear this style deeply parted and slicked all on one side of the face. This is an exceptionally formal look that tells everyone in the room that you are the boss.

Voluminous Loose Curls

Source: These curls just hit below the ears in a side-parted style. If you’ve seen Viola Davis, you know

how incredible the look can be. You can also use a curling wand like the Tapered Curling Wand to achieve a more classic look.

Centre Braided

We know that growing a pixie can sometimes be infuriating – you no longer have a structured hairstyle as you wanted them. But don’t worry. This simple pulled-back braid can revamp your entire look and make it easy for you to escape the awkward stage.

Best Hairstyles for Women This Summer at Krisspi! At Krisspi, we are only looking at what’s best for you. Our expert hairstylists have years of experience to ensure your looks are always killing it every time. For weddings, office meetings, or a date, we have the right look for you. So, all women out there, it’s time you transformed your looks into something for trendy.

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