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Corporate Partnerships & Perks Program 

Man Getting a Haircut

The Program Your Company Should Be Offering!

Krisspi provides a customizable "On Demand" haircut "Perks Program", that allows your employees to benefit by taking control of their personal image- around their busy schedules!

Mens haircut Barber near me
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Mens haircut near me barber
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Men's Clipper Haircut

Starting at $59

Men's Scissor Haircut

Starting at $59

Beard Trim & Shave

Starting at $69

Men's Custom Haircut

Starting at $79

WoMen's Haircut & STyle

Starting at $80

Program benefits


EMployee Experience matters

When a company only focuses on business outcomes like sales and profits, companies miss the big picture on how to truly connect with their employees.

Health & Wellness matters

Create an excellent employee experience by paying attention to the benefits and perks employees actually want; like haircuts & styles- anytime, anywhere!

positive attitude matters

Improving the quality of your employees’ lives is crucial for a positive employee experience, and can be a key competitive differentiator in a crowded space.

looking your best matters

Allowing your employee's the opportunity to always look and feel their best, is a great way to increase employee morale and retention.

Potential Solutions


Unlimited Cuts

$45/employee per month

Discounted Cuts

Discounts anytime, anywhere

Onsite Cuts

Krisspi Pros show up weekly or biweekly

Scheduled Popup Shop

Schedule an onsite "pop up" barbershop

OnDemand Onsite Cuts

Krisspi Pros show up onsite, anytime

Partner with Krisspi to offer your employee's On Demand hair service benefits and provide a VIP win-win experience for everyone!

Contact us today and let's setup a time to discuss how Krisspi can assist you in providing an employee perk that changes lives forever!

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