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3 Easy Steps to Your Ultimate Beard Style

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

There are so many aspects to a great grooming routine. Our stylists and barbers get many questions about beards, beard styles and proper men’s grooming. Whether you are thinking of beard style, beard growth or overall skincare, navigating beard and facial skin health can be tricky.

So we reached out to an expert - Maurice Liggins is Founder and CEO of Dapper Society, a men’s grooming and wellness brand that provides the solution to common problems faced by men of color.

Maurice advises that the first and foremost men should invest in a quality beard oil. Next, look for key ingredients such as organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil and organic tea tree oil which combat ingrown hairs, mimics the natural oil sebum and help form stronger follicles. Why organic ingredients? Think about beard oil as another step in your skincare routine and we know that organic skincare products work better because they are grown without herbicides and pesticides, leaving your skin free from contamination.

When we asked Maurice about the most popular beard styles in 2020, he shared that there are a few so pick your favorite that matches your lifestyle: “the most popular beard styles in 2020 are the short stubble, short beard, the full beard and the salt & pepper. The Short Stubbles are for men that want the simplistic look. The Short Beards are for men who have uneven hair growth and possibly unable to grow a full beard. The Full Beard is for men with thick and full facial hair (this takes time and patience). Lastly, the Salt & Pepper beards are for men who embrace their grey hair.” Not only should you think about the best beard style that matches your lifestyle but also consider your face shape. What looks right for a square shaped face won’t necessarily be the best for a round face.

So many of our Krisspi community travel for business a lot normally so we asked Maurice his beard care tips for when travel resumes. He suggests that every man should own a Dopp bag with the essential beard care products for travel. (Here at Krisspi, we found this Moderne Gentleman Travel Toiletry Bag and we are obsessed with how functional it is.)

In your bag, make sure you keep beard shampoo, beard leave-in conditioner, beard balm, beard oil, a natural wooden comb and boar bristle brush. The experts at Dapper Society assure us that all products used correctly will establish healthier beard hair and the skin underneath. The Dapper Society “The Sophisticate” collection was curated to take a man’s beard to the next level.

Speaking of “The Sophisticate”, head over to Krisspi4Life on Instagram for a chance to win the collection through March 22nd.

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