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Whether you have coarse, wavy, curly, straight or fine hair, there is a cut for you. As we age, our style preferences start changing. We wish to find ways to look great no matter what age group we lie in. Short hair is the best option for older women since our hair starts to lose its natural look and texture, and we age. Short hair is low-maintenance and suits everybody, regardless of your lifestyle, shape, face, or hair texture.


The pixie is one of the most classic hairstyles that women not just over the age of 50, but also around 30-40 prefer. The pixie cut frames your face and highlights your features. You can wash, quickly style and go. It does not take a lot of your time and is not high-maintenance.

There are so many options when we talk about the pixie hairstyle.

· A textured pixie

· Pixie with long bangs

· The dirty blonde pixie

· The edgy pixie

· The wavy pixie

· The spiked pixie

· The pulled back pixie


The subtle layers add extra dimensions, and it the perfect go-to short haircut. It is easy to style, and the hair also adds velvety texture as the bangs frame your eyes.


Longer hair adds volume, which is perfect for you if you have thin hair. Plus, adding highlights creates not only an illusion of body but also the more color itself that will help to plump up the hair and give them a little wave for an elegant yet glamourous look.


Get a shag if you have thick hair with a natural wave. If you love highlights, then add a little for some dimension. But if you are interested in traditional highlights, then go with balayage.


The bob haircut is both sleek and sophisticated. A classic bob haircut makes a statement regardless of your age group. You can even change the texture from curl to straight, or from the ends facing downward that gives a soft look. You may even go with a short bob that is fabulous at any age. With the length of a short bob adds volume to straight hair. The bob haircut can be switched and changed on an everyday basis. Your middle area will keep it sleek, and the side part will add volumes.

· Just like the pixie cut, the bob has many types as well, like,

· The straight bob

· The mermaid bob

· The piecey bob

· High-volume & wavy bob

· Side-part bob

· Long bob


You have vast options and choices to go through and get the look that you are looking for. Remember that no matter what age group you are in, you can still play around with your hairstyles and look glamourous.

We offer a free consultation to our clients and also recommend them appropriate hairstyles for their looks, hair texture, events, and lifestyle. We believe in making a long-term relationship with you. To book your appointment, download the App or visit our website today!

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