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5 Top Haircare Tips for Greying Hair

Your hair goes grey naturally when they start dying, and then they get regenerated. As you grow old, grey hair becomes more frequent and produce less color. According to basic genetics, the greying of hair mostly starts after the age of 35. While some people embrace greying of hair and consider them a sign of wisdom and maturity, many feel like they look older and losing their youthful appearance.

If you are worried, after seeing a few grey hairs on your head, don’t worry, we have the solution. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your hair in their original color.

Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are essential for keeping the hair healthy; they are considered as food for your hair. Some of the essential vitamins you need to stop greying of hair are Vitamin A, B (B-12, biotin), D, and E.


Minerals also play a key role in strengthening your hair and help them maintain their original color. Some key minerals that you need are copper, selenium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. It is important that you look at the contents of every hair product you buy from the store to ensure your hair is sufficiently cared for.

Stop Smoking

No sugar coating here, smoking kills your hair growth and makes them go grey. Not only will your hair be damaged, but also shrink hair follicles.

Sun Radiation

Make sure when you leave the house at the time, cover your head with a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from sun rains. Radiation coming from the sun has a negative impact on the hair and can even cause greying.

Don’t Damage them

There are certain actions undertaken by people that can damage the hair, such as:

· Using too much bleach

· Using brush instead of a comb (wide-toothed) especially on wet or damp hair

· Using too much hair dryer or curling iron can damage the hair and make them grey because of the excess heat

· Washing your hair too frequently

Apply Home Remedies

The best way to prevent hair greying is by using natural means of strengthening your hair, such as:

Coconut Oil: Using coconut oil on your hair frequently can improve your hair color and make them strong.

Black sesame seeds: Taking sesame seeds two to three times a week can slow down the greying process and might even reverse it.

Blackstrap molasses: Every day eating a tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses can reverse the hair greying process.

Bottom Line

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