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Answers to all Women Haircare problems

Whether you have wavy, long, straight or short hair, everyone falls prey to at least one hair problem in their life. There is a possibility that your hair were shiny and smooth before, but now they are dry and rough. For any woman, this is nothing less than a nightmare.

Grey Hair

Greying of hair has been one of the biggest issue women face, especially when reaching above the age of 30. For most people, grey hair is a reminder that they are getting old. However, greying of hair is not just because of the age but due to the malnutrition.

Some people have grey hair in their teen. To avoid getting grey hair, use products that have vitamins. These are essential for keeping the hair healthy; they are considered as food for your hair. Some of the essential vitamins you need to stop greying of hair are Vitamin A, B (B-12, biotin), D, and E. Minerals also play a key role in strengthening your hair and help them maintain their original color. Some key minerals that you need are copper, selenium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Hair Damage

Hair damage is very common, and the worst part is, the problem is not age-limited. There are certain actions undertaken by people that can damage the hair, such as: Using too much bleach, using a brush instead of a comb (wide-toothed) especially on wet or damp hair, using too much hair dryer or curling iron can damage the hair and make them grey because of the excess heat and washing your hair too frequently.

There are also few home remedies that you can apply to prevent your hair from getting damaged such as: using coconut oil, consuming black sesame seeds (at least twice a week) and eating blackstrap molasses every day (one tablespoon).

Hair Loss

Normally, all hair grows through a normal cycle. There are two phases of hair growth anagen phase (lasts two to six years or longer), and the telogen phase (lasts about three months). At the end of the telogen cycle, hair starts falling and get replaced with new ones.

Some studies have suggested that scalp massage has the potential to increase hair density by improving blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, as well as increasing the activity of genes known to promote hair growth. An additional benefit is that massage helps to lower stress levels, another factor relating to hair loss.

Another remedy is to avoid using hair products in excess or change the ones that are in use. There is some evidence that many gels and other styling products may contribute to hair loss, as the chemicals within these products stay on the scalp and become trapped in the follicles, preventing the hair from coming to the surface. Avoid excessive use of hair gels and try more natural styling products, which contain fewer chemicals.


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