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Beard oil is a conditioner and moisturizer for the beard and the skin beneath. People use it to soften the beard hair and to make the beards look fuller and tamer. Some beard oils even promote beard growth. Beard oil has many benefits; you will notice a huge difference the moment you apply it. Beard oil does not only tame the beard hair and make the skin underneath healthy but also reduces dandruff and itch occurrence. Here are some reasons why men use beard oil, along with tips on how to use it.


· Tame the Beast

Since the beard hair is rougher than the hair on your head, beard oil helps soften and add shine to your beard hair. The oil tames the hair, and the overall look becomes neater and well-styled.

· Makes the Beard Fuller

Just by using beard oil, your scraggly beard looks full and lush. Most people, because of this reason, use beard oil for hair growth.

· Makes the Beard Smell Good

A beard oil smells great, and you can use it instead of cologne. You may make a beard oil at home if you want to choose your own fragrance or use a product with a scent that you really enjoy.


The best time to use beard oil when after showering or washing the face. Since after washing your face, the water will help open all the pores and allow the beard oil to work effectively.

Remember not to overdo the use of beard oil. An excessive amount of beard oil can make it look greasy and will take time to dry out or settle. And the last thing we want is our beard to look oily and unnatural.

If you get a new product, the key is first to try it at home. You never know if the new product is made for your beard type. Here are some tips to help you with beard oil

· Take four to five drops of the oil in your palms and massage it into the hand

· Massage the entire beard in a downward motion

· Please make sure it works through the entire beard and the beard is damp

· If you have a long or thick beard use a comb to untangle and is evenly distributed

· Use more than five drops; this step is only necessary if you have a thick and long beard

· The final step is style, and we leave that for you to decide.


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a new look every month and look fabulous.

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