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Best Bob Cuts for Women

Bob cuts are highly versatile, and you can have it on both short and long hair and will suit all shapes. Some feature long pieces at the front and short at the back, and you can also have the exact opposite. The hairstyle can also be worn with bangs, straight or curls. Anything you want is possible with a bob cut. Here are some of our favorite picks.

Blonde Feathered Bob

Who said you cannot flirt in your 50s? This feathered bob is an amazing fun hairstyle and gives you a crown life at the back. If you want to turn back time and jump 20 years back, this is the easiest way to do it. Our stylist will give you chin-length layers at the front and short ones at the back, adding a few length bangs in the mix.

Short Curly Bob

This look is especially for all women with thicker hair texture. This hairstyle will put in the spotlight. The tight curls and the messy look give adds funk to the whole look. Make sure you brush your hair short, curl your hair when they are wet, and finish it with dry brushing to give an overall fluffy look.

Long Choppy Bob

Most women nowadays go for short hairstyle. They don’t feel like going for a long hair look as it requires too much maintenance. If you are looking for a bossy, yet a perfect balance of short to medium hairstyle, this is the one for you.

Modern Bob

How would anyone describe this look? Soft, invisible layers, with a blunt line cut creating a modern look – perfect for women looking for a medium to a short hairstyle. You know the best part, it helps elongate the facial structure, something most women crave all the time.

Square Chin-Length Bob

This texture is described as square, chin-length, and textured bob. It’s one of our most requested hairstyles because of its piecey-ness at the ends with a blunt cut to create a strong line. It’s an extremely versatile look where everything depends on styling. Some women ask for a “Mom Bob cut,” i.e., keeping the ends opposed to the rounded under, looking to give themselves a more modern look.

Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

This hairstyle has a lot of texture and layers. It’s a favorite among women because when worn curly, it looks fun and shows all the textures and layers flirting with each other. You can also wear it straight, and it will look sleek, and show off your face cut like never before.

Deconstructed Bob

This look is heavily textured and, overall, deconstructed. It has seamless curved layers, with impeccable versatility, softness to create an undone yet polished finish to keep them in style and playful. This cut has a lot of movement, no matter where you turn your head, it always a youthful edginess to your face with a classic touch.

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