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Best Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles for Men

Celebrities are idols for millions of people around the world. Whether its movies or sports, celebrities are always carrying that persona that everyone wants to imitate, especially when it comes to their hairstyles. For men, hairstyles are important and cover almost half of their outlook. So, if you want to get a haircut, then why not go big and get one that is inspired by a famous celebrity.

This list includes some of the most cult classic hairstyles from some of the most amazing public figures ever to be born. These hairstyles will definitely make you feel like you are part of something huge and glorified. Shall we begin? Let’s go.

The Buzz Cut

At number one on the list, we have the buzz cut inspired by none other than Zayn Malik himself. Changing hairstyles constantly is more of a young man’s game, and Zayn is one of the biggest youth icons of the 21st century. Despite being famous and extremely good looking, Zayn Malik’s look is credited to his hairstyles as well. It is a simple, clean, simple, and shaved look that you can also get at home using just the clippers. But if you want the best possible results, contact an expert haircut specialist to give you the exact polished look.

Caesar Look

Another look inspired by one of the prettiest looking faces on earth, Zack Efron. The guy has a style that never seems to go wrong. The Caesar look is often considered a more retro look, and yes, it has been ruling the hairstyle industry since 1999, but that doesn’t make it any less phenomenal. A Caesar look is the perfect balance between a fade and a fringe. You keep things very simple and doesn’t require any kind of maintenance at all.


This look is inspired by Cillian Murphy. You might know him from his spectacular performance in one of the highly-rated shows of all time, The Peaky Blinders. Cillian was the leading man in this show, and while this show was set in a time not to so modern, the haircut he wore in all the seasons was just breathtaking. The look is basically an undercut with more hair length and less volume. If you want to give yourself a modern blend, we suggest avoiding any of the hard edges and keep the style as neat as you can to flaunt your hair texture.

Messy Waves

If you are a Bradley Cooper fan that you’re going to love this one. The hairstyle is simply impeccable and allows you to show off your natural hair texture without even trying. The style is perfect for men with thick hair. The style has uniformed layers and is very easy to maintain. If you want to know how he looked, the 2019 Academy Award is a fine example.

Long Curls

Our last pick on the list is from the man himself, Jason Momoa, famously known as the Aquaman. Jason Momoa has some of the best curly hair hands down, and he also doesn’t shy away from showing them off. For as long as we know, he has never changed his hairstyle since he has been in the movie business, and that seems like a wise decision as it pays off every time.

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