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Best Hairstyles for Men This Summer

It’s our favorite time of the year again, and we know that you are looking for a fresh and exciting look for yourself this summer. Well, you’re in luck because we have made a list of some of the trendiest summer haircuts for men in 2020. These hairstyles will keep you cool throughout summer. From skin fades to undercuts and pompadours to quiffs, here are some of our top picks for men’s hairstyles. Skin Fade with Sponge Curls

Source: The best thing about fades and undercuts is that you have ultra-short around the sides back. It’s a simple hairstyle that will always be in trend. It almost has a flat top, and you can wear it anywhere you like, formal and casual events both.

High Taper with Waves

The best way to enjoy summer is with a short hairstyle, and this one is really short. However, that doesn’t mean your style will be compromised; rather, it will make you look like a trendsetter. Get a fresh fade with some smooth waves today and start flexing your new look. Skin Fade with Hair Design

Source: Ok, so you need an expert barber for this kind of artistic work. Not only is this a hard look to the master, but when it’s done, all eyes will be on you guaranteed. It is a much more playful look compared to rest on the list. The fade on the skin works like a canvas for the hairstylist allowing you to get any kind of design, from simple to more complex. Buzz with Line Up

Source: Well-defined geometric lines and a blurry finish, this is what the cut is all about. This hairstyle gives you taper on the back and line up at the front. A look like this is worth more than the money you spend on getting it. Slick Back

This short slick back style is one of the most stylish and sophisticated looks for men. It is one of our top seasonal picks but stays in style in other seasons as well. The look is perfect for professionals as well as for weddings. Wear this look with a beard and take your style to the next level.

Textured Crop

Source: This high skin fade look ensures that you stay cool this summer season. You have thick hair on the top with a short crop with texture. No need to carry any hair weight and looks incredible on all shape structures.

Quiff with a Faux Hawk

Source: This is one of the few hairstyles that never shy away from leaving a mark. It is an overall great look with a funky look. The haircut is back with a new rendition and better than ever. Pair it with a goatee, and you’re ready to turn some heads.

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