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Best Quarantine Haircut

2020 has been a year full of distress and sorrows, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm. However, with no date given by the experts on when we can get rid of this fiasco, you have loads of time on your hands.

With lots of time, you can reinvent yourself. Such as learn a bit of cooking, figure out new hobbies, or try out new styles that could reignite your look. You have all the time in the world and internet with videos that could help you pick a style that can showcase the new, you. Today, we’ll discuss the best quarantine haircut you can have to make the most out of the lockdown situation.

The Mullet

We know that it’s too hot to handle a mullet, but when you’re in the comfort of your home, it’s a good hairstyle to opt. While, thanks to the breakout star of the series, Tiger King, Joe Exotic, the mullet is just what you need. With fuzziness on the top side of your head, with minimal hair on the side, you are now ready to judge, “The Voice.”

Buzz them Up

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it short and concise. No, we’re not talking about essays, but we’re talking about your hair. A buzzcut can just be the hair treatment you need. A subtle buzzcut can not only let you feel the breeze, but you can also look forward to good hair in the winters. You can also dye your hair in the process to take a bolder step.

The Shag of the Next Decade

Apparently, hair is everything, and on normal days, you would avoid experimenting with them. However, during times of distress and lockdown, you now have the leisure to try out different tricks in the book. So, why not go for Harry Styles-esque shag? Since the style is pretty much effortless as well as easy to upkeep as long as you go strong on the layering. At home, you can just cut off random sections and you’re good to go!

Go Bald!

If you think buzzcut can help you relax, then going bald is probably the next best thing on the list. Since you have to stay inside due to the pandemic, it’s a good idea to just shave off your head. The look offers a mature and sleek look, along with the added benefit of growing back good hair in the winters.

Pixie Cut

Now, by looking at it objectively, a pixie cut is one of the most drastic haircuts to pull off. However, the benefit of staying home until further notice lets you mess with your hair and awake the inner barber in you. All you have to do is cut recklessly, but evenly and voila! You got yourself a pixie cut.

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