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Best Shape-up Haircuts for Men

What is the one thing that makes a haircut flawless? An expertly trimmed contour! A shape-up haircut is, without a doubt, the best way to make a hairstyle. The shape-up haircut has been a popular choice among men since the 80s, especially the black men. Slowly and gradually, it became part of the pop culture and evolved through the decades.

A shape-up haircut can be styled with other cuts in combination, depending on how creative you want to be. Today, men from all over the world prefer to have a clean shape-up look for themselves. For this reason, we came up with a list of some of the best shape-up hairstyles for you that are simply hard to resist.

Sharp and Curved

As we mentioned earlier, you can do all sorts of experiments with a shape-up hairstyle. For instance, starting with a sharp angle that goes half-way down the temples. From the center, you can then make a curve line inwards, making a half-circle. The combination can only be achieved if you have a barber that doesn’t like making mistakes.

Inward Edge Up

Men can often look into edges that are leaning inwards in addition to forward. When the tip of the line has a curve going inwards, it creates an overall look that makes your forehead width seem reduced. Want to make it even better? Pair it with an extra curved line down your sideburns.

Straight Hairline

If you want a blunt straight hairline, then we have just the look for you. The look is incredibly ideal for men who want to get a boxy shape for their line-up. Some might say that it seems to be more on the showy side, but there are not many looks that are cleaner than this one.

Rounded Corners

If you don’t want your line-up to be all sharp and edge, then you can always go for this hairstyle. Just ask your barber to make the corner curved and soft. Once you get the boxy contour in place, adjust the line according to your preference. This technique is mostly recommended for those guys who prefer to keep their hair a bit longer in shape up the region.

Receding Hairline

The struggle of finding an effective hairstyle for men with receding hairlines is real. However, if you have a professional and experienced barber, then you have nothing to worry about because things will be very easy then. You can just ask the barber to mask the bald areas by creating acute angles at all temples. Result? Receding hairline will no longer be visible anymore.

Soft Shape Up

Let’s get something clear! You don’t need a sharp haircut to look your best. In fact, there are many guys who have textured hair that look far better with a softer hairline. In order to get the effect, we recommend leaving the hair around your temples a bit longer than what your regular shape-up has. Remember, don’t go too far or you’ll lose the natural touch.

Best Shape-Up Look for All Men

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