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Some of the common problems that both men and women face concerning hair and the scalp are infections, loss, and disorders.

Although it is usual to shed hair every day, it becomes a matter of great concern when people experience hair loss more than normal. Some people even have an inherited tendency to common baldness, which is mostly found in men. Usually, sudden and temporary loss of large amounts of hair is related to stress.

Infections on the scalp contain bacteria. Excessive flaking and itching are found with both psoriasis and dandruff.

Keep scrolling if you would like to know some common problems that people face and how to fight them.


Head lice or pediculosis capitis is highly contagious. Head lice can occur on people of all races and ages. Men are not affected as much as females are, but children are most likely to be affected by a head lice infection since it is normal for epidemics to occur in schools. Nursing homes have also faced epidemics mostly through contact with children.


· The most common places for head lice infection include

· Neck

· Scalp

· Behind the ears


Remember to

· Search for nits and lice on wet hair with a fine-toothed or louse comb.

· Examine the scalp under strong light.

· Wash household items like towels and hats in hot water and dry them using the hot cycle for 20 minutes

· Wash anything that has come in contact with an infected person in hot water

· Vacuum furniture and floors that have been in contact with the infected person


Hair loss or alopecia areata can happen to people of all ages. The immune system in the body stops hair growth for unknown reasons. Environmental and genetic factors play a huge role in hair loss; this condition may be seasonal.


Hair loss targets the scalp commonly but can also sometimes target the eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, and other sites.

· Symptoms may include

· Round patchy areas of non-scarring

· Ridging and pitting of the fingernails

· Scalp burning without redness


Here are some self-care guidelines or precautions that you must follow

· Shave in the same direction of growth

· Use an electric razor

· Avoid shaving on irritated skin

· Wash athletic wear

· Consider depilatories as another method of hair removal


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