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We've heard this all our lives; shaving head will boost your hair growth. Most have experienced this in our childhood as well. But the truth is, it's just an illusion. After shaving your hair, the shaft becomes a lot more noticeable.

We have been told that shaving our hair can make hair grow better and bring density. But let's find out if that's true.


Never shave your head, thinking you will grow better hair. The growth of your hair is based on your genetics, and shaving has nothing to do with it. After shaving when your hair starts to grow, it comes from the same follicles. The diameter of your hair follicles can't be increased that way. The hair pores are present inside the scalp, which is why shaving cannot reach the root of the follicle. After just 12 hours, your hair starts to appear from the follicle.

Shaving does not increase the diameter of your hair follicles or grow the hair you have lost. Shaving your hair does not affect your hair follicles in any way.


The shaft becomes noticeable due to shaving, which makes the hair look thicker and adds volume. However, the hair does not get more abundant; the new hair growth does happen better without damage. The new hair comes in as virgin hair. Meaning, new hair is far away from chemical treatments or any sort of wear and tear. The appearance of your new hair will be healthy and amazing.

Plus, regular trimming and cutting your hair can help you fight against damaged hair and split ends. But if your reason for shaving your head is related to scalp problems like dandruff, then consider this a great move. A clean scalp is better and easy to get rid of dandruff from the scalp.

If you have problems with your hair volume, thickness, and growth, consult a professional for help. At Krisspi's, you won't only get treatments but also consultations and expert advice. Hair problems relate to a lot of different reasons. It could be your diet or your schedule. Whatever it is, we can help solve it and let you know if there is another option than getting bald.


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a new look every month and look fabulous.

We offer a free consultation to our clients and also recommend them appropriate styles for their looks, hair texture, events, and lifestyle. We believe in making a long-term relationship with you. To book your appointment, download the App or visit our website today!

Krisspi is an On-Demand hair services company. Krisspi is like "Uber" for barbers and hairstylists. Our App is available in both iTunes and Google Play. You can also book your appointment on the web at

Don't just get cut… get Krisspi!

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