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Lice are just tiny insects and are the size of a seed, that live in your hair on the scalp. Mites feed on human blood and die instantly if they fall off the body. It is quite hard to get rid of such tiny creatures in on your scalp, but it is essential since a head full of lice is an indication of unclean scalp and hair.

Let's discuss some practical ways to get rid of them while saving money, time and a lot of itching.


Not all flaky or itchy scalps are because of lice. You must confirm that there are lice in your hair before you begin a de-lousing regimen.

Dry skin, dandruff and scalp infections can also mimic the symptoms of lice. Flaky skin can resemble as lice eggs, so make sure you carefully inspect. Look for lice under a light. If you wet your hair, you will make it easier for you to spot lice eggs on the roots of your hair.


Start your treatment with basics. Use a de-lousing shampoo.

Follow the instruction on the bottle or the package, and have it remained on the scalp for some minutes. After that treatment, wear clean clothes that have been machine washed with hot water.


Lice treatments require repetition several days after the first one. Also, check the scalp 9 to 12 hours later. The lice in your hair should be dead or at least dying.

If the lice are still active, you should then consult a professional. A different treatment may be necessary since lice can be quite resistant to some medications.


If treatments do not kill all the eggs, with a fine-toothed nit comb, comb out all the nits. This process may be included in your treatment package.

Start combing at the crown of your head, work it down to the neck and then one side of the head and continue on the other side. Even if your shampoo promises to kill eggs, remove the nits with your hand to speed up the treatment, which will also reduce any risks of reinfection.

For effective egg removal, use the nit on your scalp every day for a week. It will ensure the eggs that go unnoticed are actually removed.


Sending your child to school when you know they have lice can be a huge mistake. It's not enough to treat your child and expect for the best. There is more work than you think. The scalp should be free of their eggs as well before they return to class. Because your child may infect other kids at school, and even if you clean your child's hair and scalp, it won't make a lot of difference since they can still get affected through other kids.


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