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Alopecia or female pattern baldness is a type of hair loss affecting women because of an inherited susceptibility. The baldness is because of family history from either side of the parent's family. Vitamin deficiency, dandruff, poor blood circulation, or wearing hats are not the reasons why women face baldness.

Since this is a genetic to female pattern baldness, different racial areas are affected.


Women's hair loss patterns are different than men's. The hairline is preserved, and there's diffuse thinning of the frontal scalp or crown. The total hair loss is quite rare.

Hair fall is normal; women lose 50 to 100 hair strands a day. If you lose more than 100 or around 300 to 500 each day, is when it becomes a matter of great concern and urgency.


Hair loss targets the scalp commonly but can also sometimes target the eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, and other sites.

· This is a permanent pattern and requires no necessary treatments if you're comfortable with your appearance.

· Hair loss may have a psychologic impact which adds a large emphasis on your appearance

· Protect the scalp from sunburn using a hat

· The medication is expensive; the hair will eventually fall again if the use of medications is discontinued.

· Do not believe that shampoo or any other hair products help or prevent from any hair loss

· Avoid using hot tools to your hair, and do not wash it regularly, especially with hot water.


The increase in persistent hair loss, itching, redness, or skin changes are associate with hair loss. Doctor and surgical specialists can help you with some medical advice, and if your hair is cosmetically concerning, replacements and other options are available.

If you consult a physician, they may recommend you a skin biopsy. Therapies aim to stimulate regrowth of terminal hair. They may include topical minoxidil as well as other oral medications or cyproterone acetate. You may even get surgical therapy, only if necessary, to improve the appearance, flaps, scalp reduction, and hair transplants.

A SOFT REMINDER: not everybody is a good candidate for these procedures, consult a professional before making decisions.


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