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There are several reasons why people struggle with hair fall. With a few easy steps, we can help you fight hair fall effectively. Poor lifestyle, cheap and bad quality products and environmental factors contribute to hair loss.

Let's discuss some lifestyle changes you must make to control hair fall.


Diet affects hair health. A poor diet means food that does not contain the necessary nutrients, like vitamins A and E, protein, zinc, and biotin. A healthy and balanced diet helps with not only hair fall but also the growth of hair. A balanced diet keeps you fit and in shape.

Add sunflower seeds, spinach, almonds, shrimp, avocados, olive oil, kiwifruit, and broccoli to your daily diet and feel the difference in a month.


Skipping oiling is not a healthy practice for your hair. The nourishment and the strength that your hair gets comes from no better place but oil. Apply whatever hair oil suits you best at least once a week. Oiling forms a protective shield around your hair. Apply oil to your scalp, roots, and length for shine and moisture.

During hair wash our hair experiences a lot of wear and tear. Brush your hair before you take a shower. The best way to brush is by splitting your hair into two parts and start brushing from the bottom to the top. This helps untangle in a better way and without you losing more hair.


The right hairstyle enhances any look. But too much styling contributes to hair damage and loss. Apply serums or heat protectors before ironing your hair. Avoid chemicals as much as possible and go with products that use natural items and elements.

After washing your hair, NEVER skip conditioner. A conditioner provides nourishment and fights against frizz. Through conditioning, your hair will become smooth and easier to manage. After oiling, brushing the right way, and conditioning your hair, you will notice a considerable change.


A lot of people disregard this reason, but stress plays a huge role in hair fall. Stress affects health in various ways, and one of those is hair fall. Try strategies that help manage stress, like meditation or yoga. Exercise helps form endorphins in your mind and make you feel happy and great about yourself.


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a new look every month and look fabulous.

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