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Around the age of 40, 60% of Americans go through a certain degree of hair loss, and by the time most people reach 50, 85% end up having significantly thinning hair. As the hairline starts to recede, the hair on top of the head thins out, and some haircuts won't even work.

What can you do at this point? The entire look of your thin hair can be changed with the power of a scissor and the perfect look. A fresh haircut or style can lift your appearance.

If you search through the internet, you will find advice like "shaving your head" while there are people who would love to stick with that idea, there is a majority out there who would still want to keep their hair. If you are one of those, here's some good news, we have gathered some of the best hairstyles and cuts that can help you with your fine and losing hair.


You can achieve this style by cutting your hair clipper-short on both sides with back and left finger length on the top. You then style your hair forward. Caesar cut's disheveled nature makes it look like you have thick hair on top.

You may style your new haircut with a gel or light pomade and brush it forward with your fingers.


This is a simple look to achieve but may get a little challenging to manage at times. Sweep your hair back over your head. Keep volume and height at the front of the hair, and the sides shorter. This look will make your hair on top look thicker and prominent.

This hair is ideal for those who develop a bald patch on their crown. Use your long hair from the front to sweep over the thinning area at the back.


The crew cut is also called short back and sides. It is honestly the go-to cut for most guys. Leave some length on the top of your hair for a fuller look.

The crew cut reduces the level of contrast between both sides of the head and the temples. The thinner sides with shorter hair create an illusion of more hairline. It is a flattering look, and besides, the spikes never go out of style.

If you wish to style your hair, always prefer using all-natural styling products. Anything that includes alcohol or chemicals can irritate your scalp and lead to hair fall and, eventually, fine hair problems.


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a change every month and look fabulous.

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