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Gray roots and hair are common problems between both men and women. But with a few tactics, you can fix this problem. Since most men wear their hair short and have little or zero experience is hair dyes, this guide helps them. Let's take a closer look at methods to choose and find out the best solution for men.


Ethnicity and genetics play a huge role in the growth of gray hair. While most men start going gray between the mid-30s and before they hit 50, some start getting gray in their early 20s, which can be attributed to genetics or due to medical conditions such as heart disease.

Low levels of vitamin B12 and stress also add a fair share to gray hair. Women are culturally predisposed to cover up the gray hair as soon as they start showing, making it look like men go gray early. Again, the truth is it all depends on ethnicity, genetics, diet, medical conditions.


Not trying to generalize, but most men would gladly dodge a visit to the barber or a hair salon if they are provided with an option to color their hair from the comfort of their house. Men love to dabble with hair products that are specifically instructed for women. In most cases, they don't grow their hair below the shoulder, and their hairstyles are quite simple and do not fall apart mid-day.

Of course, drastic colors and highlights are not limited to women's hair only. But for obvious reasons, you need to get these services performed by professionals. However, mostly when we hear about men getting their hair died, it's just to cover their grays.


Although this choice will lead to a very drastic change, you wouldn't have to worry about growing gray hair for a long time. Numerous shades in the market can help you get the natural look that you desire. However, simply covering the roof may be a huge step for you.


These are common choices for those who wish to cover their roots and not having to change the original hair color. While both options are ammonia-free, the demi-permanent lifts the cuticle to fix the color, but the risk of damaging your hair is still lower than the permanent color.


This is just another option that can help you focus on the roots and less on the entire hair. Root concealers are supposed to be applied again after every single wash. It comes in numerous shades and colors to blend with your natural hair color and is also 100% free of all toxic ingredients.

Although there is no cure for gray hair, there are still many options available in the market for people to take away the spotlight from them.


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a new look every month and look fabulous.

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