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How to Keep your hairstyle perfect all-day| for Women

We all know how many hours women invest in creating the perfect hairstyle for themselves—massive respect for women out there who understand the value of a great hairstyle. However, one of the biggest challenges for women in life is maintaining that same amazing hairstyle all day long. Protecting your hairstyle from the forces of nature like rain, dust, wind, and humidity is not easy.

So, how can you make a hairstyle last an entire day? Our experts at Krisspi have the answer. Here are the top three easy tips:

Great Foundations

Shampoos and conditioners are great, but if they are not delivering on their promises, they do not set up your hair to look their best. Always use a shampoo that can add extra grit and fullness to your overall style. If you have curly hair, you need products that can maintain that style without stripping your hair of moisture.

Drying is sometimes good.

If your products are not good at keeping your hair in place, we suggest using a hairdryer at low heat. Remember, don't use the hairdryer when your hair is soaking wet, only when they are slightly damp. We also recommend purchasing a hairdryer that has more frizz reducing ions that a standard one. This will help in getting smooth hair cuticles, adding a healthy finish to your hair. If done perfectly, it can keep your hair styled all day long.

Clean is not always good.

Washing your hair every day is never a good option; many experts often emphasize on the value of second-day hair. This is because washing your hair every day can damage your hair, making them more susceptible to damage. Hence, you start losing your hair rapidly than usual. Second-day hair is also easier to style and keep.

The Right Tools

There is a saying that an artist is only as good as their tools. Investing in a hair straightener, hairdryer, tongs, and other hair styling products never goes in vain. All you need to make sure is use them the way it is meant to me, not overuse them, and damaged hair texture. Using these products ensures that your hair stays in place longer than usual.


At Krisspi, we are only looking at what's best for you. Our expert hairstylists have years of experience to ensure your looks are always killing it every time. For weddings, office meetings, or a date, we have a right look for you. So, all women out there, it's time you transformed your looks into something for trendy.

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