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Oily hair and scalp are considered as a curse, and if you have fine hair, count that as a blessing. The sebum glands create a natural hair conditioner that helps lubricate our scalp. Some extra oil prevents dry hair and keeps the scalp in good condition. Many factors become the cause of excessive oil production, which makes your scalp and hair greasy.

Let's jump into how you can manage your hair and pretty.


Oil strips from your hair when you shower more than once a day. If you over wash your hair, your glands produce more oil. To keep your hair fresh and bouncy, wash it in the morning.

Apply shampoo and let it sit for some minutes to penetrate the oil. Experts advise washing your hair every 2 to 3 days to keep the oil production in check.


If you have extremely oily hair, use natural acids that help slow the production of sebum. Experts recommend rinsing your hair with lemon juice, beer, and vinegar.

It would be best if you also used a clarifying shampoo to remove extra buildup oil and hair products every month. Take a small container and mix mouthwash and witch hazel, dip cotton and dab onto your scalp. The witch hazel and mouthwash are astringents tighten the skin and shrink pores.


Dry shampoo can serve as a lifesaver for busy women with oily scalp and hair. Dry shampoo comes in powder or a spray form. Products like dry shampoos soak up oil like a sponge and leave your hair smelling fresh and clean without the use of water.

Test a few products and choose the one that doesn't weigh hair down, if not, it will look almost as if you're wearing a powdered wig. You will also notice that a quality dry shampoo washes out easily when you wet shampoo your hair.


It's okay if you do not like dry shampoo, experts suggest changing your hairstyle in such cases. Grab some rubber bands or hair elastics and tie a ponytail or chignons for a sophisticated and designed look. You can always consider a perm. Natural curly and permed hair doesn't get oily fast as it does not lie close to the scalp. If you want to can always embrace a curly look!


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a change every month and look fabulous.

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