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Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

What is a low maintenance hairstyle? One that doesn’t demand too much of your time, easy to get, and easy to maintain without any hair products required. If you want a stylish, trendy, and classy hairstyle and don’t have hours to give to it, then you are just in the right place. We have some amazing hairstyles for you that will look not only good on students but also on busy, hard-working professionals.

Taper Fade

Ok, so when it comes to low maintenance, fade has to be a part of it. The taper fade is simply a short and smart-looking cut that never gets old. It is a popular choice among men of all ages and suits almost all face shapes. If you prefer to keep some hair on top and shorter on the sides, then this is the haircut for you.

The Classic Taper

This hairstyle is the classic iteration of the tapered style. Need some convincing? It is the hairstyle Tom Cruise has in the Mission Impossible series. This haircut is exceptionally low maintenance and sophisticated. The technique here is the same, shorter hair on the sides and a bit length on top, but there is no skin fade. This classic look will look good with any hair length. The best part about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t let you compromise on any style aspects.

Ivy League

Another great haircut for men who want a more professional look. The Ivy League, as the name goes, is a high-end look based on the crew cut leaving enough hair on top to be parted. Like all classic taper hairstyles, the Ivy League hairstyle is also low maintenance and keeps the look fresh and tidy. The style is best suited for men with angular and sharp facial features.

Caesar Cut

Now the Caesar cut might not be a very modern choice in the world of men’s fashion, but there is no denying that the look is straightforward, simple, and exceptionally low maintenance. If you prefer to keep your hair super short, then perhaps the Caesar cut is for you. You can even get this cut at home as the overall length is the same everywhere. There are many advantages of getting a Caesar cut, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

The Butch Cut

If you have a preference for buzz cuts and don’t want to commit to extremely short hair, then go for a butch cut. It uses a medium style clipper setting and will keep your hair neat and clean throughout the day. This cut will not be like the military haircuts, so don’t worry about any style compromises.


If you are one of those guys blessed with short hair, then why not go for a textured hairstyle. The hair on top of the hair is longer than taper or Caesar, and all you need to do is a few brushes here and there, and that’s it you are ready to rock. Even if you don’t have a brush, you can also always use your fingers.

Low Maintenances, High Style

At Krisspi, we never compromise on the quality of service. No matter what cut you need, we have the right personnel to deliver the perfection you are looking for. Our list of hairstyles ensures that you don’t have to do much hard work in maintaining your hairstyle. These hairstyles are exceptionally easy to keep but need an expert to give so that you have a perfectly symmetrical hairstyle all the time.

Krisspi is an On-Demand hair services company. Krisspi is like “Uber” for barbers and hairstylists. Our App is available in both iTunes and Google Play. You can also book your appointment on the web at

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