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Medium Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Medium hairstyles are popular in 2020. Growing long hair requires a lot of work and patience while going too short is a big commitment. If you don’t want to go for either, why not go for something that is a perfect balance of both.

Medium length hairstyles range from the mid-neck line to shoulder. Given their length, they offer a plethora of hairstyles to choose from. You can go wavy, curls, ponytails, braids and even layers. Medium length hair is extremely versatile, and the style suits all types of hair, face shapes and age group. The biggest reason why women often go for medium hairstyles is that they are easy to maintain compared to long hair. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for medium hairstyles for women in 2020.

The Urban Edgy Look

If you are looking to get yourself an urban, edgy vibe, then we have exactly what you look for. This hairstyle is one of the favorite picks because of its versatility. It can be worn on formal occasions as well as casual. You can also pair it with shaved sides to add a bit of funk in the mix.

Half Up with a Twist

This half up half down hairstyles looks incredibly cute with a twist. It is simple yet can be worn in formal occasions. If you are going for a prom night, then this would help you move around easily.

Square Chin-Length Bob

This texture is described as square, chin-length, and textured bob. It’s one of our most requested hairstyles because of its piecey-ness at the ends with a blunt cut to create a strong line. It’s an extremely versatile look where everything depends on styling. Some women ask for a “Mom Bob cut,” i.e., keeping the ends opposed to the rounded under, looking to give themselves a more modern look.

Deconstructed Bob

This look is heavily textured and, overall, deconstructed. It has seamless curved layers, with impeccable versatility, softness to create an undone yet polished finish to keep them in style and playful. This cut has a lot of movement, no matter where you turn your head, it always a youthful edginess to your face with a classic touch.

Deep Side Part

A fresh and modern look that depends entirely on the nature of winds. This hairstyle flirts with the people around you, making you the apple of everyone’s eye.

Centre Braided

We know that growing a pixie can sometimes be infuriating – you no longer have a structured hairstyle as you wanted them. But don’t worry. This simple pulled-back braid can revamp your entire look and make it easy for you to escape the awkward stage.

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