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Mullet Haircut 2020 Easy Maintenance

Mullet hairstyle was one of the most iconic hair duos that came into the picture back in the 18th century. However, from the past two decades, this hairstyle has been considered quite bold and unique for millennials.

Nonetheless, as we casually each the mid of the year in this new decade, mullet is back with a bang. Rugby players, fashion trendsetters, or musicians, all of them have now embraced the revamped “business at the front, party at the back” look.

Though, this haircut is for men who want to stand out in the crowd and gives off a flattering look. But, keeping the aesthetics aside, a mullet is a tough hairstyle to pull off. So, let us dive into the 80’s mullet-look and learn how you can maintain it with some easy steps.

Long Curly Mullet

Some hairstyles are for the brave and the bold; hence, comes the long curly mullet. This look, albeit a difficult one to look at, is the ideal form mullet for the summer season. You just have to make sure that your curls are intact and apply curl-defining cream to keep them fluffy.

The Modern Mullet

As discussed beforehand, the mullet in 2020 is the reinvention of what Bob Ray Cyrus pulled off in the early 80s. The modern mullet is particular is the cousin of the old-fashioned shag, with the difference of having two distinct haircuts. The mullet lets you leave your bangs, especially choppy to the eyebrow length, while the hair at your temples consists of soft layers.

Drop Fade Mullet

This special kind of mullet is a combination of the hottest hair trends known to men today. In other words, you can cut drops down significantly down your air, giving you a perfect arc effect. On the other hand, you can grow your hair as long as you want to add a touch of attitude to your personality. It’s also quite easier to maintain since your sides are fairly shorter; hence, letting you focus on the mullet at the top.

Fringe Mullet

This high-fashion mullet is a statement itself, where the bangs emphasize a separation between the front and the backside. An ideal mullet for oval-shaped faces, fringe mullet, gives off a futuristic feel. The best part for opting with this hairstyle is that you just need to blow dry the bangs. Then, you can let the back section entirely loose and un-styled for a contrasting appearance.

Mullet with Bang

Last but not least comes the Mullet with bang, where you just have to add a straightened bang across your mullet haircut. It gives off a high-fashionable vibe, which is also perfect for oval-shaped faces. It not only makes your face flatter, but you can also experiment with the top section with another style as well.

In hindsight, people in the previous decade believed that mullets were old-school with high maintenance. However, it’s the new beginning of the 80s, and it’s here to stick around. All you have to do is take care of your retro style and become the trendsetter of the modern era.

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