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Options for Men with Thin Hair

We’ve heard a lot of men complaining about having thin hair. They think it’s a curse, but that not true. In fact, it’s easy for men with thin hair to be stylish, and there are some hairstyles that are only ideal for thin hair.

For some men, hair thinning is due to the age factor, while others have naturally thin hair. But don’t you worry, you can pull off a variety of exceptional hairstyles. Our experts at Krisspi have lined up a list of some of the most incredible hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair.

Tapered Hairstyle – Side Texture

Number one on the list is this amazing tapered hairstyle that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. The style uses the thin hair texture to its advantage. The thinner your hair, more enhanced your style will be. It’s easy to comb to give it a side look. This is a professional-looking and clean haircut, a great choice for men with class.

Swept Back Pompadour

The pompadour is perhaps the most ideal haircut for men with thin hair. Not only is this a great hairstyle but also gives you a tall look. You can use it with a classic fade on the sides, giving yourself a simple yet sophisticated look. A timeless look for a perfect gentleman.

Short and Textured

Most men with thin hair go for a messy look. The dishevelled look of the thin hair makes it look like you have extra hair volume. If you are suffering from front head baldness, then this style will cover it up easily.

Parted Hair

For guys with long hair, keep the sides and back short and keep the length on top. This style is perfect for your next professional meeting, a wedding or even a formal college dinner. The whole idea of this hairstyle is to wear your hair forward.

Classical Fade

No one pulls a fade better than guys with thin hair. An undercut or a fade can make your hair look thicker and more prominent all thanks to the contrasting sides and back. It is the perfect style for men with thin hair. The best thing about a fade is that it can be merged with other hairstyles as well, to give a more versatile look.

The Side Swept

If you love fringe, a side-swept can deliver you the look you’re looking for. It’s a messy men’s hairstyle with a stylish look. A fun look that can be let loose or be tamed. This hairstyle focuses on layering and creates a fringe to offset the thinness of your hair. The thinness of your hair will be used at your advantage as your hair will move with you giving a wavy effect. This style will give your head a more horizontal and vertical depth.

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Having thin hair shouldn’t stop you from giving yourself a stylish new look. All our men hairstylists have years of experience in the industry. They can provide you with an ideal look based on your preference, age and lifestyle. Just download our app or visit our website to book your appointment and our hairstylist will be at your doorsteps shortly.

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