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Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist

What questions should I be asking my hairstylists? Now that is a million-dollar question! The idea of finding the right stylist is harder than you can imagine. There are too many options out there, and you just don’t know which one to go for. Choosing a wrong hairstylist will not only be devastating for your hair but your personality as well. But all your worries end here because we have created a list of things you need to ask before choosing your perfect hairstylist.

Work Experience

Always ask your hairstylist how long he has been working in the industry. Any number between 10-20 years indicates that you will get a service worth all the money. Experienced hairstylists can give your suitable recommendations on hairstyles and how you can take care of your hair after the service has been provided.

Having a hairstylist who can give you suggestions is a luxury. You no longer have to be confused or worried about whether it’s going to look good or not – we guarantee that it will. You just need to book an appointment with one of our hairstylists and then all leave your worries behind.

What Kind of Products do You Use?

People love their hair – it’s a huge part of an individual’s personality, and using the wrong products can ruin them for life. There are many hairstylists in the market that will try to convince you to use hair products such as creams, hair color, etc. Some even try to push their products on their clients. They are least concerned about what happens to your hair once they have been paid – just to earn a few bucks on commission.

A good hairstylist will always ask for your preferred hair product, give you a few options, and only with your consent, use them. Whenever you talk to a new hairstylist, ask them about the hair products they use.

What Hairstyle Will Suit Me Better?

The second most important thing to ask your hairstylist is what hairstyle will suit your lifestyle. Not all men have the same lifestyle. Some are party animals, some are established academics, some might be business owners, or some are creative trendsetters. What we are trying to establish here is that you don’t get a haircut every day.

Therefore it’s important that whatever you choose doesn’t make you fall into regret. For instance, a good hairstylist wouldn’t recommend getting a mohawk to a business professional or fringes to an academic. Hairstyles play a major role in the personality of an individual, so you might as well make a decision that fits your persona.

Bottom Line

At Krisspi, we are only looking at what’s best for you. Our expert hairstylists have years of experience to ensure your looks are always killing it every time. For weddings, office meetings, or a date, we have the right look for you. So, all black men out there, it’s time you transformed your looks into something for trendy.

Krisspi is an On-Demand hair services company. Krisspi is like “Uber” for barbers and hairstylists. Our App is available in both iTunes and Google Play. You can also book your appointment on the web at

Don’t just get cut… get Krisspi!

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