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When you hit 40 or plus, and you feel you've started to lose more hair than ever, the visible thinning has occurred. Do not worry; you are not the only one going through this problem. From a very young age, we are taught that aging is terrible news; we are told to disown our age and do everything in power to try and look young. However, the real deal is to enjoy and love every phase of your life. Every age is unique and teaches us so much about our body, own it!

Keeping yourself healthy and maintaining a proper diet schedule is a different thing. Most people spend their time in denial. Some prefer covering their heads with wigs, extensions while others use scarfs and hats to cover their hair loss problems and grey hair.


Comparatively, women go through a multitude of changes than men. The female pattern is genetic and is a common type of hair loss. Menopause or pregnancy can cause fluctuation in the production of estrogen. The female baldness is caused by DHT that builds around the hair follicle. This results in shorter hair growth, more delicate hair, and excessive loss. It is common for women to experience hair loss after pregnancy.

If we talk about causes of hair loss in women that are not genetically related, then the most common would be the one after surgery. People tend to lose a lot of hair due to strong medications and treatment process. Other causes may be hormonal imbalances, extreme physical or emotional stress, scalp infections, and more. Excessive hair loss may also occur due to weight loss that includes hair loss. And not to forget, bad habits like smoking, drinking, and cocaine intake can end up in severe hair loss.


One of the underlying causes of hair loss is poor nutrition intake. Dull and dry hair are indications of an unhealthy lifestyle and deficiency of essential fats. Similarly, oily hair is an indication of a deficiency of vitamin B.

Low-fat foods that are low in carbohydrates and protein play an important role in preventing hair damage or loss and in sustaining healthy hair growth.

Choose organic hair products and only use supplements that have been prescribed by a professional.


You deserve to treat your hair, look, and feel great about yourself. We can help you give your hair the attention that it derives.

We offer a free consultation to our clients and also recommend them appropriate hairstyles for their looks, hair texture, events, and lifestyle. We believe in making a long-term relationship with you. To book your appointment, download the App or visit our website today!

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