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We try new hair products often but rarely do we focus on how important natural oils are for our hair. Natural oils such as argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and more are not limited to your hair; you can apply them directly to your skin as well.

People have begun to adopt a healthier lifestyle and include eating organic foods. Natural products are getting pretty famous amongst women these days. Since there are so many choices one can go with, it is normal to get confused. Here is a helpful guide that will assist you in choosing the best oil for you.


Jojoba oil is pronounced as ‘hohoba’ and is extracted from the jojoba plant. This is an ideal hair oil because of its many characteristics with sebum (oil that our scalp produces naturally). The oil has antibacterial qualities. The jojoba oil doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients and is considered as the best oil for hair and skin.

It is perfect for damaged, dull, and dry hair, as well as for the ones with dry scalp and dandruff issues. If you use the jojoba oil, it will moisturize your hair and prevent dry scalp and dandruff. It also makes your hair smooth, shiny, and soft.


The olive oil has moisturizing and protective properties. It shields keratin and coats the hair shafts. When you combine it with lemon juice, it makes dandruff- fighting properties. You may use it regularly and replace it with conditioner and other hair smoothing chemical products.

Olive oil protects hair against heat damage, moisturizes, imparts a sleek look, and gives damaged hair a healthy appearance.


Grapeseed oils are an extract of cold-pressed grape seeds. The oil contains antioxidants, emollients, and nutrients, that are essential for the growth of healthy hair as well as skin cells. While the grapeseed oil possesses the same moisturizing qualities as the other natural oils, it is superior when it comes to treating brittle hair. It is lightweight compared to other moisturizing products and oils. And here’s a little tip while applying grapeseed oil, rub directly on the scalp and leave it for at least 20 minutes.


You have vast options and choices to go through and get the look that you wish to achieve. Remember that no matter what age group you are in, you can still play around with your appearance and look glamourous.

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