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The Best Line-up Haircuts

Updated: Jul 20

What is a Line-Up Haircut?

Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. A line-up haircut is a short and sometimes short to medium hairstyle where your hairline is on fleek. It is also called a shape-up style characterized by its precise hairline, angled temples cutting in a straight line. It’s also extremely versatile, which means that you can style and cut it any way you want. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best line-up hairstyles for men.

Side Part Fade

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/668995719628221604/

A side part line-up haircut can easily be combined with other hairstyles because, in this style, your hairline is edged to perfection. What makes it even better is the side part, giving it another dimension. A good line-up can always blend with other aspects of the cut.

Top Temple Fade – Long

Source: https://haircutinspiration.com/taper-fade-haircut/

This hairstyle has the best of both worlds, modern and retro. In the late eighties, this style was incredibly popular and still looks fresh today. In order to create a perfect haircut, we at Krisspi spray water on the hairline, apply some hairspray and aloe vera to keep your hair in place before cutting.

Line-up haircut – Short

Source: https://www.hairstylo.com/2018/11/clean-line-up-haircuts-for-men.html

It is also called a shape-up haircut and is the exact opposite of a messy hairstyle. If you are looking to chisel your facial features, then this is the style for you. The sharp edges around the beard and hairline can make any individual look a lot more handsome.

Pompadour Fade

Source: https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/pompadour-fade-haircuts/

It is perhaps the coolest iteration of a line-up haircut. This sharp look requires some expert gel application along with some blow dryer love. Not to forget the perfect line-up! If you wish to maintain this look – you need regular trips from your barber. Have a busy schedule? No problem. We can send a barber to your anytime, anywhere you want.

Long Undercut

Source: https://hairstylecamp.com/long-hair-undercut/4/

Undercuts have a lot of variations, and they come in all sizes and shapes. You can either have a fade or a totally smooth bottom. If you are looking for a clean and trendy look, ask the hairstylist near you for a line-up long undercut.

Bald Fade

Source: https://menhairdos.com/taper-bald-fade/

In this style, the fade starts up high on the head. To get a perfect look, you need an expert men’s hairstylist. Why? Because a style like this requires special attention to details. An experienced men’s hairstylist will ensure that you keep your natural hairline appearance with the fade.

Edged Up

Source: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com/shape-up-haircut-styles/

Ok, so we are reaching out to all the creative geniuses out there. This style looks cool when incorporated with other haircut designs. You can also have an arch over the temples to create a design effect with a sharp angle. It is smooth, clean and of course, geometric.

Long Hair Side Part

Source: https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/21-medium-length-hairstyles-for-men/

If you have a preference for long hair, then why not go for a sleek look? It has a perfect edging on the forehead, clean and shaved temples to the skin. This look is incredibly versatile if combined with other styles.


If you are confused which look to go for, we recommend giving us a call and talking to one of our men’s hairstylist. We recommend the appropriate styles to all our clients based on their preferences and hair texture.

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