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The Best Quarantine Haircuts for Women

In this quarantine, you might be wondering, standing in front of the mirror, which new hairstyle should you go for next. You want something that complements your personality, and yet it’s not to fancy that it gets hard to maintain. In short, you are looking for something that makes you look beautiful without even trying. Well, we have just the right hairstyles for you. Our experts at Krisspi have created a list of all hairstyles that will make this quarantine go easy on you and make you feel better.

Half Updo

Finally, we have a look where it is meant to look good regardless of your hair length. You just need to put the top part of your hair into a ponytail, and that’s it. This is truly a simple look that will just take everyone’s breath away. If you have curly hair, you might need some expert attention with combating the frizz, but you would still get the look to work for you.



Chances are you are doing all the chores by yourself at home, and your hair are too long and keeps getting in the way. Girls are often complaining about their long hair and how difficult it is to keep them in their place and maintaining them. Well, you can also go for a pixie, which is a shorter haircut with an unbeatable look. Put a headband on your head, and you will add a colorful flair to your overall appearance.

The Ponytail with a Side Part

If you want to keep it sophisticated yet straightforward, then this hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle is perfect for all girls that have medium to long hair. This hairstyle is perfect for the classroom environment and also for sports. The best part, no product needed.

Top Knot

If you are just dying to try out the top knot style that waits no more. This hairstyle is exceptionally cute, and because all your hair are on top, you don’t need to worry about sweating. This hairstyle is sophisticated and brings all the focus to your face.

Blunt Lob

This cut is the most popular among the newer hairstyles in this list, but we know for sure that this too is a timeless look. It transforms a girl into a lady. The style makes you look sophisticated and classy. The hair creates a curve so that your face looks beautiful as ever. The blunt ends, sleek texture, makes every woman get a haircut appointment from us as soon as possible.

Square Chin-Length Bob

This texture is described as square, chin-length, and textured bob. It’s one of our most requested hairstyles because of its piecey-ness at the ends with a blunt cut to create a strong line. It’s an extremely versatile look where everything depends on styling. Some women ask for a “Mom Bob cut,” i.e., keeping the ends opposed to the rounded under, looking to give themselves a more modern look.

Stay in Style this Quarantine!

At Krisspi, we are only looking at what’s best for you. Our expert hairstylists have years of experience to ensure your looks are always killing it every time. For weddings, office meetings, or a date, we have the right look for you. So, all women out there, it’s time you transformed your looks into something for trendy.

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