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Talking about the right way to wash your hair may not sound as important. But you wouldn’t say that if you knew the complications and the struggle you can escape all start from there.

Haircare is an important part of one’s daily routine; the way you wash your hair plays a huge role in how your hair appears.


Apply and massage your hair and scalp at least one to two hours before the wash. You may use mustard oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. Many shampoos contain harsh ingredients that strip essential oils from one’s hair and scalp. If you oil your hair before hair wash, you can fight against this problem.


By detangling your hair before shampooing, you ease the hair knots. The ideal way to brush your hair is to divide your hair into either two, three, or four sections and start brushing your hair from the bottom and move your way upward. It gets hard to brush your hair when it is wet, plus wet hair is fragile and is prone to damage and breakage.

Brushing your hair before washing stimulates blood circulation and reduces hair fall, split ends and prevents clogging.


Before showering, properly rinse and soak your hair for a minute. Use cold or lukewarm water since it helps open pores. Hot water can damage your hair and also lead to dandruff, dry skin, and can also burn the scalp. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water before you condition it.


If you dilute your shampoo with water, it will lower the concentration of the shampoo applied to the scalp and hair. By diluting your shampoo, you reduce the risks of hair damage since it contains harsh chemicals that can harm your hair and scalp.

Never skip conditioning your hair after shampoo. Do not apply it directly to the scalp. It would be best if you applied the conditioner using a comb for an even application. Rinse your hair after 4-5 minutes or longer as per the directions on the product.


Scrub the scalp in small circles, and keep your hand gentle on the scalp. Use your fingertips to loosen the dirt, residue, skin flakes, and natural oil. After you scrub your scalp, rinse it with lukewarm water for one minute. Massage your head in a circular motion with your fingers, from the front to the back and the front again. Keep repeating this for minutes for stimulation and exfoliation on the scalp.


Protect and preserve your hair for a long-lasting healthy, and beautiful texture. Nurture your hair, since it is an essential part of everyone’s beauty.

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We follow all CDC, federal and local guidelines on staying safe at this time. 

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