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A new year is a great excuse to press the 'refresh' button. Although we're in the middle of the year 2020, we still have plenty of time to try new looks and hairstyles. The hairstyles that we're going to talk about are evergreen, and they are never going out of style.

Our fashion and hair inspirations usually come from our favorite celebrities. Let's take a road down to the five best hairstyles that are famous in not only America but all around the world.


Zayn Malik from One Direction has made enormous fashion changes, especially when it comes to his hairstyles. He has accepted many bold and vibrant colors like fuchsia pink highlights and neon green. But his most recent hairstyle looks less risky and something that everyone can try.

It's a high disconnected haircut that can be achieved by fading back and sides and have the top left long plus weighty. Use a finishing spray to add definition and add sea salt spray for the texture of the hair.


We have seen David try countless hairstyles, and has managed to pull off every single look. David Beckham is the king of experimenting and then nailing the look! Recently he has a classic short back and sides with texture and volume on top that goes pretty well with his age. Beckham has also embraced the inevitable greys.

To achieve the look, give into the color grey. Have your hair cut square. When it's about styling your hair, it's more about volume and less about texture.


The actor Jason Momoa is now an important part of the DC comics since he stared in his recent film 'Aquaman.' If there is anyone who can pull off the unkempt lengthy, it's Jason. With his rugged and Hawaiian looks, this hairstyle suits him almost as if it was custom designed for him. If you have long curls, add the sun-kissed highlights that will add texture and life to your hair.

This look is masculine and rugged; to achieve this, you will have to really grow your hair out.

Style your hair with salt spray, and leave it to dry naturally or apply mousse and hairdryer diffuser which will help you build bigger curls and waves

You can give these hairstyles a try whenever you wish, and you will never go out of style. They're evergreen!


You have vast options and choices to go through and get the look that you are looking for. Remember that no matter what age group you are in, you can still play around with your hairstyles and look glamourous.

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