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Change is good, and we should all accept a little change in our lives. Reshape your facial hair with some beard styling tips. Try a different look today, and see how well it suits you.


· Goatee Beard

A little chin patch and mustache form goatee beard or circle beard is easy to maintain, which requires only a trimmer to define the shape. It’s a cool and easy style that suits almost every face.

Then you have a goatee without a mustache, with a small beard that stretches out till the chin. A goatee without a mustache has an outline that shapes the beard with a trimmer.


· Van Dyke Beard

A full goatee with a detached mustache is a Van Dyke beard. This look is achieved by disconnecting the chin beard from mustache and leaving the skin patch as smooth as possible. It is also a sort of a short-boxed beard, but that is mostly for thin and neatly trimmed sides.

Your other two options are Balbo and anchor beard from the round beard style.


· Chevron

A Chevron from the oval beard style covers your entire top lip. It gives a sort of cowboy look, that most men with a puff and built body, and over the age of 40 prefer. Some people would go with a horseshoe mustache that has two long bars on either side, pointing downwards. The oval beard style is the look that many older men would prefer. It gives a great look on your face if you have an amazing built.


· Gunslinger Beard and Moustache

This style shows off the strong facial structure of a man. With long sideburns that connect to your mustache gives you a traditional mutton chop beard. Before you chop your beard to give it any of the rectangular beard styles, let your facial hair grow half-inch long, to get an even length before shaping. For a gunslinger beard, you will get an iconic flared sideburn paired with a horseshoe mustache.

A chin strip and a chin strap style beard are a vertical line of hair on the chin. These styles do not suit everyone, and not everyone is a fan. But these are pretty iconic looks


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a new look every month and look fabulous.

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