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Changing your hair color can be a good choice to make to look fashionable and attractive. After all, who doesn't like to be noticed? We're halfway down the road of 2020, and we have seen some amazing hair color trends for men already this year.

Allow us to take you down the road and help you figure out your favorite hair color trend for this year.


If you wish to get a new look without taking too much of a risk, highlights can be one of the best options you have available. Through highlights, you add unique style and texture to any hair type.

Highlight your dark hair in blonde. Make sure if you wish to get the perfect blonde highlight, pick the right shade of blonde that adds a big difference in your hair. We recommend a brown highlight to avoid false appearances. You may even go with silver stripes if you have black hair. Silver hair color always catches the eye. Red highlights on black hair is not a bad option. It may not change a lot of your look, but when the sun hits the hair, that's when you can actually see the difference.


If you feel like taking a risk, try funky hair colors like light blue, green, yellow, and purple.

The rainbow styled hair is probably the most adored and the trendiest hairstyle of 2020. You can't really see all the seven rainbow colors, but you can focus on four or five. To get the perfect hairstyle, you will need an expert's help not to face any loss.


Like we said before, silver hair catches the eye. It doesn't matter if you have darker or lighter completion silver will make you outstanding in a crowd. Men with dark brown eyes look even more attractive. Cut your hair short form below and keep it long from the top. The icy color adds a perforated effect that radiates a striking rock-and-roll look.


If you wish to go all out, there are some amazing styles available most of the all-out are silver and gold since they are the best choice when it comes to full hair change. You can always try copper brown hair as well. People with warm skin look great in copper brown. Their warm complexion contains yellow undertones or olive. It's a bonus if you have natural curls.

2020 has offered some of the most exquisite looks, and one of them includes the strawberry blonde. This style is preferred by men who have red hair and pale skin.


The chocolate brown hair looks absolutely stunning on all skin tones! It looks even better when you have thick hair, and if not, just use a thickened serum and increase the volume of your hair before styling.


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a new look every month and look fabulous.

We offer a free consultation to our clients and also recommend them appropriate hairstyles for their looks, hair texture, events, and lifestyle. We believe in making a long-term relationship with you. To book your appointment, download the App or visit our website today!

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