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Know this, what's good for your hair, isn't necessarily good for your scalp. An unhealthy scalp, however, does affect the growth of your hair. Most people face hair breakage, chronic scalp irritation, and hair shedding issues caused by under-washing or excess usage of products.


Would you go for days without showering your body and sprinkle little powder all over it, and consider it clean? Treat your scalp the way you treat your facial skin and make sure it stays far from impurities. Since styling products should not be left on the scalp and your hair for more than four days, wash your scalp after at least every three days. If you keep those products on for days, you will end up with either irritated skin, dandruff, psoriasis, and you will impede hair growth.

Without regular shampoo, the product buildup becomes quite dense, limiting the number of strands that could grow out and holds the opening of hair follicles.


By removing the dead skin cells from your scalp, helps improve the health of your epidermis, grows better and robust hair, and stimulates hair follicles. If your scalp is itchy or flaky, it means you have been going on for days without shampooing or just shampooing it the wrong way.

If the problem continues, you can even make your own scrub. Take a teaspoon of sugar and add it to a quarter size shampoo. Don't mix it together since you need the sugar to function as a scrub.


It's no rocket science to understand your scalp needs just as much water as the rest of your body. Your scalp also needs moisture to function effectively. Hydrating twice a week should suffice, and do not skip on conditioners.

Get yourself tonics and serums that can easily be absorbed and used right after washing your hair to rebalance and hydrate the scalp.


The key to shiny, smooth, and beautiful hair is shielding it from UV rays whenever you step out in the sun. You may use powdered sunscreen on areas and scalps that are exposed to the sun. It's always a great idea to protect your hair using sunscreen before heading to the beach or pool.


You deserve to get your favorite look and feel great about yourself. Give yourself a new look every month and look fabulous.

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