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Valentine Night In

If your idea of a perfect Valentine is a cozy night in, make sure you custom the experience to make it special.

You can prepare a delicious candlelight dinner for two together. Think of your favorite dinners in the past and recreate one of those. But be sure it's quick and fun. You want the time together to be special.

Then add a heart shaped dessert -- or even just heart shaped candy on top -- to stay within the theme. This night is meant to focus on your quiet time talking and

sharing - not a grand masterpiece in the kitchen.

And you can't forget the soundtrack for the night. Whether you are a John Mayer, John Legend or Johnny Cash couple, be sure you have the right tone for your evening in.

Don't forget the thoughtful touches throughout the day and night. One of the best gifts you can give anyone is the gift of time. A Krisspi giftcard is easy to give and allows the recipient to save not only travel time (Krisspi stylists come to you!) but also your appointment happens on your schedule.

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