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Your hair deficiencies growth correlates with a series of bodily regulations and functions. From hormone secretion to cell replication, processes are interrelated to the intake of nutrients that your body synthesizes from the food. In short, we know that it is quite essential to have a balanced diet for overall health.

Due to nutrient deficiencies, body imbalances can eventually trigger hair loss. Let us discuss the most common nutrients and vitamins that may cause hair loss.


Despite the conflicting evidence about micronutrients, they are deemed vital in the follicle cycle. The minerals and vitamins play a role in forming cells and play an essential role in non-scarring alopecia.


Vitamin A stimulates stem cells in our hair follicles. However, it is not responsible for hair loss, but excessive consumption may contribute to hair loss and may also affect the vision, osteoporosis, and liver damage.


This Vitamin includes many nutrients that hold significant importance in hair growth and quality of your loss.


B2 or Riboflavin helps cell function and generation, energy production, and metabolism of fats. The deficiency is rare but still causes hair loss.


A severe deficiency of B3, also known as Niacin, can cause hair loss. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is crucial in body processes, and its deficit has an impact, including hair loss. The hair loss induced by B3 deficiency doesn't come alone, and you can timely take care of it.


Vitamin C plays an essential role in the absorption of iron, which is vital to hair growth. Plus, it's necessary to synthesize collagen, a protein for your hair and skin. Its deficiency may not directly affect hair loss, nor does it affect other body functions that influence hair growth.


Studies show that Vitamin D is an essential element for cycles of hair follicles. Women with female pattern baldness have a lower serum level of Vitamin D.


It has an antioxidant effect that protects your hair from deterioration from external factors. Regardless of emotional stress or pollution, it has proven to improve the number of hair.


Zinc is an essential element in hair follicle morphogenesis, and the lack of it can cause brittle hair and telogen effluvium (a temporary form of hair loss)

The deficiency of iron is also prevalent and is famous for causing hair loss. It affects women more than men. Whether iron deficiency is because of dietary habits or anemia, it should be taken care of to ensure healthy hair growth.


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