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When you hear people say that their hair hurt, it sounds technically wrong since your hair is dead. The hair shaft isn't attached to the ends of the nerve except for the follicles, which is why it hurts when someone pulls your hair. So, hair pain signals that there is some problem in the hair follicles or on the scalp.


There are many possible reasons for your scalp to experience pain, followed by other problems like flaking, itching, and burning. If you experience either one of these symptoms and scalp pain, you need to consult an expert and properly diagnose with proper treatment. Here are some common reasons for scalp pain that further lead to hair fall, damage, and breakage.

· Skin Infections

If your hair follicles or scalp have developed an infection, maybe the cause behind your scalp pain. Several or just one hair follicles may swell, itch, burn or fill up with pus. Other signs of infection are swelling, tenderness, burning sensation, and redness, leading to scalp pain.

Ringworm is another common and extremely contagious fungal infection that causes itchy patches, scaly, and soreness on the scalp.

Topical and oral antibiotic solutions must be administered in the event of skin infections.

· Tight Hairstyles

The scalp touches the nerve when inflation happens in blood vessels. Tight styles that pull your hair roots constantly can cause such an effect.

Tie loose hair or don't tie at all when at home to reduce the effect. Avoid braids, high ponies, and buns since they put a constant strain in your hair that can also cause traction alopecia. Tight hairstyles can also grow a fine hairline.

· Migraines

Migraines are more violent than regular headaches. Scalp pain is just another symptom of migraines and is the result of vascular congestion. By simply touching the scalp or moving the hair can result in intense scalp pain. Painkillers, dihydroergotamine, and triptans can be administrated as migraine treatments. Avoiding food and drinks during such situations is also necessary.

During cases as such, visiting or consulting an expert is always the best decision. They will have answers to all your queries and advise with what is best for you and your situation.


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